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In the wild south, three supernatural phenomena encountered: The Suspension Bridge, the blower and the rock crying. The last two require the south swell for their names to be justified. The blower, you can sit for hours watching the waves crashing on the cliffs with extraordinary force expelling seawater jets at any splash. An obligatory stop in Gris-Gris is still very raw with its cliffs, its small beach, offers a splendid natural view; the rollers crashing , iodine and breath clean air , nothing like to relax with mother nature….

The program:

Crocodile & Giant Tortoises Park, hosted by bats in this great entertaining space, which will please young and old and has a very rich fauna and flora including a dense rainforest.

Cascades Rochester Road lined with sugar cane that goes down to the pelvis. The waterfall is not exceptional but rather original: it flows on a wall carved by erosion, such as wedding veil in Salazie

Visit the tea plantation of Bois Cheri, largest producer of the island, the factory tour is a must for those who like to offer a “pause” tea to discover its trade secrets…

Duration: 9hours

Destination: South Coast

Open at 8:30 a.m

Close at 5:30 p.m

Transportation: offered

House Saint Aubin, beautiful colonial mansion of the 19th century. Built in 1819, you can visit the home of rum, a spice garden and the house of vanilla to discover the production process of aromatic cloves.

Grand Bassin (holy lake and Hindu temple), a sacred place like the Ganges in India.

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