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A bit of culture



Mauritius, despite its size, has a population of approximately 1.2 million inhabitant with ethnic origins and skin tones coming from 3 continents: Europe, Africa and Asia.

The main population in Mauritius belongs to Hinduism and is split into two groups, creoles and franco-mauritians. French people are by the way more and more numerous to settle there.




You’ve already heard at least once about the emblematic music in Mauritius:  the Sega! A catchy music, brought by the slaves, is caracterized by a frantic rhythm, repetitive sounds and melodies invoking desires. In the tradition, women were wearing a large skirt with colored-layers and men were wearing short and large pants. According the rule, the couple dancing doesn’t touch one another. But today the Sega is a bit different and it’s infrequent now to find improvised Sega on the beaches. Most are done in hotels or clubs.




Mauritius is a small island in the Indian Ocean and belongs to the Mascarene Archipelago (including Rodrigues and Reunion). Mauritius is a volcanic island, more ancient than Reunion.




No official religion is declared in Mauritius due to the diversity of the population. Nevertheless, several beliefs are represented and strongly exercised by Mauritians. This island is well-represented by an important mix of cultures, religions, beliefs and ethnic origin. Therefore, Mauritius is a multi-cultural island.

  • Hinduism: the dominant religion there and represents approximately half of the mauritian population
  • Christianity: Christians represent almost one third of the island with a majority of catholics (only a few are protestants)
  • Islam: they represent one-sixth of the population with a majority of muslims coming from India or Africa
  • Bouddhism: the less represented religion with a minority of chinese people exercising it

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