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Everyday life: hints and tips once you’re there

Flying time of a direct flight: 11:00 | Time difference: +3:00 in Winter / +2:00 in Summer




  • Requirement to hold a valid passport, valid at least one day after the return planned date
  • Possess a return plane ticket
  • A visa is not required for EU citizens




  • The official language in the island is Mauritian Creole,  spoken by everyone
  • The second language mostly used is french. Therefore you will have no problem to be understood
  • On the other hand for all administratives procedures, the official language is english


  • Local currency: Mauritian rupee (Rs)
  • Banks and foreign exchange offices: no problem to change euros once there. You will find foreign exchange offices and banks in all medium-sized cities
  • Banks timetable: in general, banks are opened from 9AM to 3PM on weekdays. In cities or tourist areas, you will find banks open saturday morning, sometimes even on sunday morning and public holidays
  • Payment methods: the credit card is generally accepted in all the hotels, gas stations, restaurants and tourist sites. You will find automatic withdrawal counters in most of the cities, villages and seaside resorts to withdraw cash




Before anything else, we want to remind you that in Mauritius, people drive on the left! Indeed this little island of the Indian Ocean is a former English colony and inheritances of this period are numerous. However, paradoxically, they kept the priority to the right; good to know if you decide to rent a car.

  • Speed limits: in town and on secondary roads, generally roads are limited between 30 and 60 km/h. On highways, the limitation can reach 110 km/h. To note that certain zones, in particular tourist areas, are equipped with security cameras. It is the case of the Flic en Flac city, so be cautioned about speed limits!
  • Parking: in big cities as Rose Hill, Quatre-Bornes or Port-Louis, parking is charged on the main axes. For that purpose, it is necessary to get valid 30 minutes / 1 hour or 2 hours coupons, sold per 10 in every gas stations
  • Authorized alcohol level: the alcohol rate is limited to 0,27g/L of blood. Either the equivalent of a small glass of wine





The telephone network is covered by Orange and Emtel

  • To call form France towards Mauritius: 00 + 230 + number of the correspondent
  • To call  from Mauritius towards France: 020 + 33 + number of the correspondent
  • To note that the 0 that precedes the prefix disappears when we call from a foreign country towards France


  • You can get connected to the internet through cybercafés present in most of the cities and tourist sites. It is approximately 3Rs per minute with a minimum of 15 to 30 minutes
  • Today, most of the accomodations and especially hotels, offer a Wi-Fi connection



  • No visa | Valid passport
  • Currency: Mauritian rupee
  • Language: Mauritian creole and french
  • Traffic direction: left!
  • Telephone network and internet: developed
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